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First, an opening note to friends and family:  you may not identify me with this work. Reading this bio may come as a surprise to you.

This is a biography like none other. It’s not that I am so unusual, but the authors of my biography are. In the mid 1990s, I began sharing an extraordinary spiritual experience that made a significant impact on the lives of many people. God blessed me to serve as an instrument of Light, serving to assist others in their spiritual growth and walk with God. It was in these small gatherings where I tentatively began telling my story. Much of that story is told in A New Light on Christmas. Over the weeks, I gained greater ease in sharing the story of how I began to have dialogues with loving Beings sent from God’s Celestial Realm. As my comfort increased, so did the time it took for me to tell my story. This shortened the time to assist others in their spiritual growth. In order to save time for the true spiritual work at these sessions, one afternoon, the Beings of The Christ Light dictated the following to me. It was transcribed, printed and then distributed to those attending a session for the first time. Because this bio is from those beloved Beings, this is…

An Unusual Biography

You are here because of the call of your own heart and because you are seeking greater mastery of life. Our Beloved instrument is Mpingo Griffin and we wish to tell you about how she came to have this experience.

Throughout her life, she has had an awareness of a spiritual presence and she has always been keenly aware of God. However, like most of you, she struggled to really understand herself as a being of love and light. She was born into a family of devoted Christians and they set the example of God in their lives. Under the guidance of her father, a Baptist minister, she learned of faith and love. However, she did not find answers or explanations for those strange experiences she had from early childhood. So, throughout her life she sought to understand God in a way that attested to her own spiritual experience. One such experience most vividly remembered by her was one in which she would often have lively awareness while her body slept. Neither parents nor her family doctor took seriously her questions about this experience. So, she soon learned to not discuss these things.

Yet, her quest for understanding and explanations remained. This quest sent her on a search, which took her beyond her Baptist training. It led her to meditation. This opened the door for own recognition of early childhood experiences as valid. Now she continued her journey and did much inner work along the way. This resulted in further communication with her own guides.

Her life proceeded as did yours. By no means did she stay in the clusters of spiritual life. She did not become a full-time seeker for any length of time but continued to fully participate in life. She laughed, cried, worked and played. She had romance, she had no romance, married, then divorced. She lived life — learning and growing along the way. 

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